What is LifeRing?

LifeRing is a fast, modern and secure software application for improving health and safety in the workplace.

Designed for use on mobile, tablet and desktop, LifeRing is delivered in your web browser using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Making your workplace safer

Preventable workplace injuries can be a major drain on any business, costing you precious time and valuable staff resources. Poor communication due to outdated and inefficient HSE-reported processes can put employees at unnecessary risk of unfortunate injury - something no one wants.

LifeRing was created to help QHSE managers safely navigate the deep waters of compliance & risk management with intuitive and easy-to-use software designed to streamline your unique processes and create a safer working environment.

Why we built LifeRing

Empower QHSE managers

Created to log health and safety observations, manage risks and empower QHSE managers with data-driven insights.

Everything you need

Tailored specifically to your industry, with all the features you use without the complicated extras.

Easy to use

Designed with you in mind, LifeRing is simple to use, intuitive and delivers accurate reports at lightning-fast speeds.

Why LifeRing works for you

LifeRing was created for QHSE managers by QHSE managers. Focused on intuitive design, this HSE Compliance & Risk Management Software is simple to use, and lightning-fast in delivering accurate reports whilst also providing powerful data insights.

  • Reduce risk in the workplace
  • Improve health & safety performance
  • Protect your people from harm
  • Stay compliant
  • Make work easier and less stressful
  • Save time and money

So you can feel confident that you’re doing everything possible to keep your workplace safe and be better prepared for managing whatever health and safety challenges come your way.

No more…

  • One size fits all applications
  • Cumbersome processes
  • Delays in accessing reports
  • User complaints from teams on the ground
  • Long wait times after button clicks
  • Manual analysis of data
  • Time-consuming data entry
  • Costly annual software packages
  • Features you need but don’t have
  • Features you have but don’t need

Just reliable and powerful software that allows you to focus on the task at hand: protecting your people, your assets and your reputation.

Safely navigating deep water

LifeRing was designed and tested by experts in the Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Health & Safety industries so we fully understand the frustrations our clients experience every day with off-the-shelf health & safety management software.

LifeRing was developed following advice from our User Working Group to simplify complex processes and streamline workplace health & safety management. Customisable yet industry-focused and simple to use, LifeRing is a powerful platform that allows businesses to safely and efficiently navigate the deep waters of compliance and risk management.

Looking to create a safer working environment?

LifeRing is a reliable and easy-to-use Health & Safety Compliance & Risk Management Software system created for QHSE Managers by QHSE Managers.