LifeRing Health & Safety Compliance & Risk Management Software

Reducing risk and improving health & safety performance with easy-to-use data collection and efficient reporting.

Simply protecting people

LifeRing was designed and tested by experts in the Oil & Gas, Construction, Hospitality and Health & Safety industries so we understand the frustrations our clients’ experience every day with off-the-shelf health & safety management software.

Needlessly navigating their way through a clunky and overly complex system that is slow, difficult to use and limited in functionality – unreliable software that costs you valuable time and money and that lacks efficiency and functionality. The industry simply needed a smarter solution.

Just reliable and powerful software that allows you to focus on the task at hand: protecting your people.

So we built LifeRing

Created to log health and safety observations, manage risks and empower QHSE managers with data-driven insights.

Tailored specifically to your industry, with all the features you use without the complicated extras.

Designed to be simple to use, intuitive and deliver accurate reports at lightning-fast speeds.

What can LifeRing do for you?

Create safer working environments

Log observations

Manage risks

Run audits

Produce data-driven insights

Deliver reports - fast!

Protect against health and safety non-compliance

Save you from crippling fines and stop work penalties

Looking to create a safer working environment?

LifeRing is a reliable and easy-to-use Health & Safety Compliance & Risk Management Software system created for QHSE Managers by QHSE Managers.